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Safety First

Because our first priority is to make sure you and your family are protected, please do not enter your home unless you’re sure it’s safe. Depending on the cause of flooding, there may be exposed electrical wires or a natural gas leak.  If you have any doubt about the physical or environmental safety of your home, do not enter.

Once you have secured the safety of your family, contact us immediately.  We can send emergency services to your home to minimize additional damage to your home and property.  Your home may be uninhabitable from the loss and if you added temporary living expense to your flood policy, you can be reimbursed for your temporary housing and meal expenses.


Our simple and convenient claims service offers options 24/7 to report your claim:

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[email protected]

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or contact your local Neptune agent who wrote your policy and they can submit a claim on your behalf.

Your Neptune Claim Adjuster will contact you and be your guide throughout the short claim process. They will explain what we need from you, what you will get from us, and review what is covered in the custom policy you purchased.

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What You Can Do to Accelerate The Process

You will likely be the first to see the damage of your property.  Take photos and videos of any damage and when possible, separate and protect any undamaged property.  Create a detailed list of all damaged and destroyed items.  Maintain a file of important information related to your claim, including:

  1. Your claim number
  2. Your claim adjuster’s name and contact information
  3. Photos/Videos of damage
  4. Receipts, repair bills or estimates
  5. Detailed list of damaged or lost property
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The Claim Process After Reporting

We understand how devastating and overwhelming it can be to experience the loss of something you valued. Preventing additional loss and quickly resolving a covered loss is our mission. You can expect to be the center of attention and receive superior service from our experienced team of claims professionals.

  1. Once you file your claim, your adjuster will call you within two hours. They will provide an overview of the claim process, such as what we need from you and what you will get from us. They will assist you by answering questions, providing any guidance that you might need and explaining the coverage purchased in your policy.
  2. Your adjuster will schedule an on-site inspection of the loss – generally this appointment is within 48 – 72 hours.
  3. The adjuster will inspect the loss and create a loss report to review all of the findings.
  4. The adjuster will discuss the loss report and coverage with you, ask you to sign a proof of loss form (a sworn statement of the amount you are claiming) and request a check for payment of covered items.

Claim Process Timeline

process timeline

By working together, we can keep the process moving to resolve your loss as soon as possible. Many claims can be resolved within 10 days from your initial report but the timeline sometimes depends on the extent of damage you experience. We issue claim payments within 48 hours of an agreed settlement amount.