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napa insurance center - Neptune Flood partners with Attune Insurance

Neptune Flood partners with Attune Insurance

AI-driven flood insurtech Neptune Flood has announced a new partnership with Attune Insurance, a New York-based commercial insurance marketplace.
Neptune Flood announces environmental plan to combat climate change

Neptune Flood announces environmental plan to combat climate change

The digital flood insurance company Neptune Flood has announced its environmental plan - a commitment to help combat climate change within the company. The company is also calling on the insurtech sector to become the first industry to achieve sector-wide carbon neutrality.
private flood insurance

Leading the shift to private flood insurance

In the complex and often confusing world of flood insurance, it can be difficult for homeowners to know whether they should buy policies through the federal government or from a private company. But with changes to the National Flood Insurance Program expected to push up premiums for many, the private market is gearing up for a possible mass migration to their services.
napa insurance center - Neptune Flood partners with Attune Insurance

Partnering With NAPA Insurance Center

AI-driven flood insurtech Neptune has partnered with National Automotive Programs, a Texas based specialty insurance broker.
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Neptune Flood Acquires Parametric Earthquake Insurance Broker Jumpstart

Jumpstart, a licensed surplus lines insurance broker selling online and using Lloyd’s capacity, began offering earthquake insurance in California in 2019 in the form of a parametric product, with payments linked to a formula and based on U.S. Geological Survey earthquake measurements.
flood insurance rates goes up

Flood insurance rates set to go up for most Tampa Bay area homeowners

TAMPA (WFLA) – Flood insurance rates are set to increase for new policies on Oct. 1 as the Federal Emergency Management Agency implements a new risk rating system.
Neptune Flood announces environmental plan to combat climate change

How will the looming government shutdown impact flood insurance?

FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is set to launch its new rating methodology Risk Rating 2.0 on October 01. The caveat is that many in the flood insurance space are waiting with bated breath to figure out if the US government shutdown will take place tomorrow (September 30).
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Global warming causes an increase in rare storms: experts

It was a perfect storm — and it’s happening all too often. Take a Category 4 hurricane, slam it against the country real hard, throw in some warm water from the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean and heat it up with global warming — and you have a storm that pummeled the New York area with record rainfall and flooding.
Digital insurance - Property Casualty 360

Will digital insurance end the agent model?

Much has been written about the coming end of the traditional agent channel as the primary means of purchasing insurance.
Neptune Flood announces environmental plan to combat climate change

Flood insurance: NFIP vs the private market

The private flood insurance market has been working towards customizing coverage and simplifying claim processing for both high and low risk clients; and, according to two experts, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) may be struggling to keep up.
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Neptune Reinvents Flood Policy Offers

Trevor Burgess, President and CEO of Neptune, discusses the challenges in obtaining equitable rates and talks about the most common myths around flood insurance.
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Flood Insurance | The Non-life Insurance coverage Trade

Trux partnered with Boston-based CLEAN, which supplies an built-in insurance coverage platform, to supply a simplified insurance coverage onboarding and renewal program for truck drivers.