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Global warming causes an increase in rare storms: experts

It was a perfect storm — and it’s happening all too often. Take a Category 4 hurricane, slam it against the country real hard, throw in some warm water from the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean and heat it up with global warming — and you have a storm that pummeled the New York area with record rainfall and flooding.
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Will digital insurance end the agent model?

Much has been written about the coming end of the traditional agent channel as the primary means of purchasing insurance.

Flood insurance: NFIP vs the private market

The private flood insurance market has been working towards customizing coverage and simplifying claim processing for both high and low risk clients; and, according to two experts, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) may be struggling to keep up.
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Neptune Reinvents Flood Policy Offers

Trevor Burgess, President and CEO of Neptune, discusses the challenges in obtaining equitable rates and talks about the most common myths around flood insurance.
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Flood Insurance | The Non-life Insurance coverage Trade

Trux partnered with Boston-based CLEAN, which supplies an built-in insurance coverage platform, to supply a simplified insurance coverage onboarding and renewal program for truck drivers.
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Jim Albert on the St Pete Soul Podcast

In Episode 4 of Season 2, I sit down with the owner of Neptune Flood, Jim Albert. Jim takes me through the process of how he started his business, his biggest challenges and talks about his passion for St. Pete!
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Around the P&C insurance industry: June 23, 2021

Trux collaborated with Boston-based REIN, which offers an embedded insurance platform, to provide a simplified insurance onboarding and renewal program for dump truck drivers.

Neptune Flood hits $20bn milestone for insured property value

Neptune Flood, an insurtech firm focused on the flood market, has surpassed $20 billion in total insured property value, the company has confirmed.
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St. Pete’s Neptune Flood hits milestone

Neptune Flood, a St. Petersburg-based insurtech company focused on flood insurance, has surpassed $20 billion in total insured property value.
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Fireside Chat: Growing Successful InsurTech Companies

Despite a hot market, success as an InsurTech is not guaranteed regardless of how great your idea is or how much funding you secure. The path to success is stronger when you have insights and learnings from those who have navigated it successfully.

Jim Albert, Co-Founder Neptune Flood Insurance

Jim Albert, chairman and co-founder of Neptune Flood Insurance, and Gilad Shai talk about Neptune, podcasting, using API, the power of AI as a multiplier in the insurance industry, insurance programs and capacity, the benefit of insurance surplus products, and the challenges and opportunities in serving people a private flood insurance policy.
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Survey: Consumer Education On Flood Insurance Is Urgently Needed

The 2021 hurricane season started on May 15th, two weeks earlier than normal due to increased tropical storm activity in recent years.