Commercial Flood Insurance

Neptune Flood offers Commercial Flood Insurance to small and medium-sized business owners and commercial buildings. Our private flood insurance policies include all coverages offered by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) with the additional option of Business Interruption Coverage. With Business Interruption Coverage, your business is covered up to $25,000 at a rate of $500 per day for up to 50 days, after a 14-day waiting period. We offer up to $4,000,000 of coverage, far surpassing the $500,000 maximum from the NFIP.

Accessing Neptune’s suite of flood insurance products makes our job as agents much easier. Neptune has truly designed the market’s best private market RCBAP flood insurance policy as they’ve taken the time to design a policy that not only offers broader coverages than the NFIP, but is also accepted by lenders with ease.

WesAgent, Hawaii

Quoting and issuing our first RCBAP policy with Neptune was a breeze! We were able to give our client a competitively priced policy without many of the obstacles we encounter with WYO policies.

MichaelAgent, NJ

Neptune Commercial Flood is definitely really easy to use and stress free.

MichaelAgent, NY

Neptune Commercial Flood's quote to bind process is smooth and easy, so we are excited!

WalterAgent, NJ

The process to personalize and obtain flood insurance on my beach property was so simple, that I thought there had to be some mistake!

MelissaNew Jersey

I was thoroughly surprised at how remarkably simple and quick the entire quote to bind process was.


From start to finish Neptune’s flood system was fast, easy, and accurate


Neptune Flood is amazing; Effortless and Uncomplicated.


Neptune is fast, easy, and an extremely valuable-asset to me and my business partners in the mortgage and real estate industry.


Neptune's technology makes flood insurance fun again! The ease of use to quote one's insurance policy comes second to none compared to the other carriers that we use.


Neptune vs NFIP


Building Coverage

Contents Coverage

Additional Coverage

Elevation Certificate (EC)

Waiting Period


Building Coverage:$4,000,000

Contents Coverage:$500,000

Additional Coverage:Yes! Business Interruption up to $25,000*

Elevation Certificate (EC):NO

Waiting Period:No wait on real estate closing. Otherwise, 10 days.


Building Coverage:$500,000

Contents Coverage:$500,000

Additional Coverage:N/A

Elevation Certificate (EC):Required, slow and expensive

Waiting Period:No wait on real estate closing. Otherwise, 30 days.

*Not available for RCBAP (Residential Condominium Building Association Policy) condominium form of ownership.

Why should I buy commercial flood insurance from Neptune rather than the NFIP?

  1. You can find your price with Neptune in minutes rather than days or weeks with FEMA (yep, the NFIP is part of the federal government).
  2. Our waiting period is only 10 days, compared to 30 days with the NFIP. That means coverage almost three weeks sooner!
  3. We offer optional Business Interruption Coverage to provide cash flow if your business is closed due to a flood.
  4. We can insure your building for up to $4,000,000, while the NFIP’s maximum is $500,000.
Icon of Commercial Building Properties

Main Street Mercantile Commercial Buildings

An entire office, retail, restaurant, industrial, other non-residential building.

Icon of a Mixed Use Building

Mixed Use Building

Some residential and some commercial use in the same building. Coverage for the entire building.

Icon of Hotels, Motels, and Inns

Hotels, Motels, and Inns

Coverage for the entire building.

Icon of Apartment or Coop Building

Apartment or Co-op

An entire apartment building or co-op (not condominium form of ownership).

Icon of an Entire Residential Condo Building

Entire Residential Condo Building

Residential Condominium Building Association Policy – Requires condominium form of ownership.