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Consumer misperceptions of flood risk and flood insurance

The recent Neptune Consumer Survey of Flood Risk Awareness, a national survey conducted in partnership with the University of South Florida Institute for Data Analytics and Visualization, shines a light on the problem of low homeowner uptake of flood insurance, even when they are in high hazard areas.

Inaugural Neptune Consumer Survey Results

The Neptune Consumer Survey of Flood Awareness, conducted nationally in partnership with the University of South Florida, highlights consumer misperceptions of flood risk and flood insurance options and cost. One of the key findings - Consumers significantly underestimate their level of risk of flooding.

Hurricane Prep Stage 2 Storm on Way

You did your early in the season preparation, as outlined in our previous bulletin.  Now a storm is on the way and has the potential to affect your home or business.

Cherry Picking Analyzed

Over 90% of America's homes that are at moderate to extreme risk of flooding are uninsured for flood insurance. At the same time, the near-monopoly federal NFIP program is losing billions and is way overdue for technology and process overhauls.

Hurricane Prep Part Stage 1 Preseason

The good news about hurricanes, as compared to tornados, earthquakes, fires, and other natural disasters, is that we always are fully aware when they are on the way. No one should ever die in a hurricane.

Whitepaper Climate Change and Flooding

Changing climate patterns have increased the risk of flooding and other disasters, as evidenced by extreme weather across the US and the globe in the past few years.

Flood Insurance 101 – What Agents Need to Know

Climate change, torrential rains, hurricanes, rising sea levels, floods. Today's weather news sounds positively biblical, and consumers are looking for answers—and reassurance.

A Realtor’s Guide to Flood Insurance

Many home buyers get a big surprise when discovering that they must purchase flood insurance. This triggers a frenetic search for a quote, a home inspection, and a reasonably priced policy.

NFIP vs Private Flood

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is a government-run federal program established in 1968 that covers 91% of the flood policies in the United States.

Think you don’t need flood insurance

Every state and 98% of the nation’s counties have experienced a flooding event. Still, only 4% of U.S. residents have flood insurance and only 40% of the A or V zones (FEMA designated as high risk) are insured.

Harvey and the Flood Insurance Imperative

As we watch the pain and heroism experienced by our neighbors in Houston, it is hard not to respect the extraordinary force of nature as well as our human ability to respond.