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Making a Flood Plan

Would you be ready if flooding were to occur around or within your home? By taking some simple steps before the emergency occurs, you can protect the safety of your home, family, and pets. The time to make a flood plan is way before a flood happens. A flood plan will help alleviate anxiety and confusion and can be beneficial in saving lives and property in the event of flooding.

Know the Difference Between a Flood Watch and a Flood Warning
When a Flood Watch is issued, it means that conditions are right for flooding to occur. It is recommended to “Be Aware” – listen to a weather radio or watch the weather reports on television. On the other hand, a Flood Warning means to “Take Action” – flooding may be occurring or will happen shortly in your area.

Know Your Risk of Flooding
The government FEMA website has much valuable information on flooding and flood maps. You can access information here.

Find Out About Local Plans for Emergency
Know where higher ground is in your community, where evacuation routes are and how to get there if flooding occurs. Familiarize yourself and family with where to go in the event of a flood.

Make a Flood Emergency Plan
Know where the shelters are and where the nearest high ground is from your location. Become familiar with how and where you would evacuate in the event of flooding. If you have pets, know where the nearest pet-friendly shelters are and how to get there.

Think about evacuation and if you can stay with family or friends. If you are in an area that is safe from flooding, invite friends to stay with you.

Have an Emergency Preparedness Kit 
You should have the following on hand:

  • food
  • water
  • batteries
  • flashlight
  • non-electric can opener
  • first aid kit
  • plastic bags for important documents

Build a kit with food supplies and canned food and water for three days. If you have pets, remember to have enough food for them as well. You will also need a flashlight and batteries, cash, first aid kit, important medicines and dry clothing. If a flood might be a possibility, make sure your gas tank has enough fuel to get you outside the flood zone or to safety.

Stay Tuned
Have a NOAA weather radio on hand if possible. Keep informed on weather updates, alerts, instructions and evacuation orders.

Flood Insurance
The time to think about flood insurance is when you are making your flood plan, well before the event. A company like Neptune Flood can provide you with protection that is fast, easy and reliable. Vist Neptune today and Learn more about flood insurance and how it can help you feel more secure in the event that flooding happens in your community.

Keep in Mind
Remember that you do not want to walk or drive through flood waters. Six inches of water that is moving can sweep a vehicle away, so “Turn Around, Don’t Drown!” if flooding has already occurred.

Around your home, keep drains free of clippings, pine needles, leaves and grass cuttings, as these tend to clog the stormwater pipes and prevents water from draining.

Remember to ask yourself, “What Would Noah Do?” #WWND, when it comes to making a flood plan and discussing emergency precautions for the event of flooding. Get the right information as well as flood insurance so that you can get on with your life and not worry about whether you are covered. Neptune Flood can provide you with affordable coverage that is backed by one of the world’s largest insurance markets. Our nerds and geeks have done the work and included the latest technology to save you both time and money.

Browse our website, get a quote and learn more about how flood insurance has evolved since the days of your parents (and Noah).