Jim Albert on the St Pete Soul Podcast

In the Media

1 min read · Jul 1, 2021

Jim Albert, Neptune Flood Chairman and Co-Founder, was featured on the St. Pete Soul Podcast with host Brittany Ranew. They discuss the city, the startup scene in St Pete, and Neptune’s rapid growth. Podcast description and link below.

In Episode 4 of Season 2, I sit down with the owner of Neptune Flood, Jim Albert. Jim takes me through the process of how he started his business, his biggest challenges and talks about his passion for St. Pete! Who knew St Pete was a great spot for business start-ups?! Because Jim took the leap to build a business, it’s now a fast-growing, nationally recognized company, offering flood coverage in 48 states including DC! And this was all born out of St Pete.

At the time of this recording, it was earlier in the year and as you know the covid landscape keeps changing rapidly. You’ll hear Jim talk about their new building which is now open for their employees and the restaurant concept on the bottom floor is officially open as well. I’ll include a link to it below so you can also check it out. Be sure to listen to Jim’s podcast too!