In November 2019 Neptune Flood Incorporated, a leading insurtech, filed a patent on its Triton technology. At its core Triton is a reactive artificial intelligence machine that has the early stages of limited memory artificial intelligence.

Neptune Flood Incorporated’s Purpose is simple

  • We make it easy to buy insurance.
  • Our technology allows for instant risk selection and pricing, connecting customers, agents, Neptune, and global insurance markets.
  • In ten years, we plan to protect half a million homeowners and businesses from catastrophic risks such as flooding.

This visualizer of the Triton AI machine came about after our CEO, Trevor Burgess, was repeatedly asked for a demo of Triton.

How do you demo an AI machine? After seeing a Facebook like counter at his local poké joint he got the 1980’s video game inspired idea to create a live visualization of Triton at work.

Triton is doing three things simultaneously at the time an agent or consumer enters an address looking for flood insurance coverage:

  1. Triton is making a yes/no decision based on over 50 different data elements – some purchased, some proprietary. Some homes are just so risky that we avoid insuring them at all, at any price.
  2. For the ~90% that are a yes, Triton next determines the price of insurance for that specific risk.
  3. Triton performs complex disaggregation techniques based on spatial reasoning calculations taking into account not only the risk being priced, but also all other risks both in place and with open quotes. That enables us to control the aggregation of each reinsurer based on every unique risk. Put simply, no one global reinsurance market will end up insuring all the homes on one street.

This Triton visualizer shows all three elements as every quote is processed through the AI engine. Thousands of times a day.

  1. The yes/no decision is represented by green or red blasts.
  2. The price is represented by the size of each blast.
  3. The disaggregation is represented by the selection of a bucket each representing a different global insurance market.

The data is live, and the data is real – resetting every night at midnight.

Please enjoy this Missile Command inspired visualization of artificial intelligence at work.

Idea: Trevor Burgess
Front End: Jon Snyder
Back End: Brad Schultz